Cancer & Country – Leonie McIntosh

Leonie McIntosh is an artist and a proud Wiradjuri woman. While studying for a Phd in education at Charles Sturt University, Leonie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Leonie’s art has been an important part of her cancer journey. Her decorated masks have helped to raise awareness about cancer in her community and funds for the Wellness Centre at the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Service in NSW.

This 2021 video, “Cancer & Country – Leonie McIntosh” was filmed and edited by Jan Osmotherly with music by Sal Kimber & Leonie McIntosh.

In 2017 Genesis Care published the first of two videos about Leonie’s experience of cancer treatment, “Leonie McIntosh – Sharing the Healing Process with her Community“.

In 2018 Leonie’s cancer story was published on pages 20 and 21 of the Head & Neck Cancer Patient Book: Australian 2nd Edition, published by The Swallows UK.

In July 2019, Genesis Care published a second video about the cancer diagnosis and treatment of Leonie McIntosh.

SAHMRI & Australian Bragg Centre
Hosted by Julie McCrossin a survivor of head and neck cancer.
Media Production by Daniel Taylor at Insight IT